Vastu Shastracan establish a meaningful connection between a person and the space belongs to him. The relationship between directions and the inner world of human consciousness and motivation. Vastu Shastra has been studied and practised continuously for thousands of years and has played an important role in our life. Vastu Maestro Jaskaran Singh will help you to understand this ancient science in his specially designed 5 DAY VASTU MAESTRO COURSE and enables you to solve Vastu Problems scientifically. During these 5 days, you will :-

  • Learn easy-to-do, Vastu Maestro Method and achieve the results you want without demolitions or problematic changes to the house.
  • Learn and Master the art of balancing your home and office to lead the life full of health, wealth & happiness.
  • Learn Vastu Maestro Method for understanding the impact of your home and work place on your life and subconscious mind.
  • Learn the systematic problem-solving method with accurate diagnosis of the root cause of a problem first.
  • Start giving accurate reasons along with Remedies just by listening to the problems of others.
  • Learn how to activate the space around you to get the results you want.
  • Get the hands-on practice of real time problem solving through complex case studies.
  • Get answers to your questions and Master the art of Vastu Shastra (32 Entrances, 16 Directions, Five Elements and Vastu Remedies).
  • Learn How to identify 45 Energy Fieldsof Vastu Purush Mandal in a Building and treat them for better results.
  • Learn how to implement vastu remedies .
  • Learn how to open virtual entry.
  • Learn Vastu Maestro Method for home, apartments, plots, irregular shape flats and plots, Businesses and Industries.

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